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Introduction to HTML

HTML Basics (13)

Project: Build your first webpage (6)

HTML Strutucture: Using Lists

HTML Basics II (16)

Project: Social Networking Profile (7)


HTML Strutucture: Tables, Divs, and Spans

HTML Basics III (15)

Project: Clickable Photo Page (7)


Introduction to CSS

CSS: An Overview (26)

Project: Design a Button for Your Website (6)

CSS Classes and IDs

CSS Selectors (23)

Project:Sorting Your Friends (8)


CSS Element Positiong

CSS Positioning (25)

Project: Build a Resume (8)

04/08/2013 100% da trilha Web Fundamentals

Introduction to JavaScript

Getting started with programming (28)

Project: Choose your own adventure (7)


Introduction to Functions on JS (13)

Project: Build "Rock, Paper, Scissors" (9)

Project: Review of funcions on JavaScript (8)


'For' Loops in JavaScript

Introduction to 'For' Loops in JS (14)

Project: Search Text for Your name (7)

'While' Loops in JavaScript

Introduction to 'While' loops in JS (11)

Project: Dragon Slayer (6)


Control Flow

More on Control Flow in JS (14)

Project: Choose Your Own Adventure 2! (6)

Data Structures

Arrays and Objects in JS (17)

Project: Contact List (8)


Objects I

Introduction to Objects I (33)

Project: Building an Address Book (6)

Objects II

Introduction to Objects II (30)

Project: Building an Cash Register (7)

08/09/2013 100% da trilha JavaScript